Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SeeSaw App and Web-Based Program for Digital Portfolios

SeeSaw is an iPad App and now web-based program that is free and is a user friendly way to create student portfolios from Kindergarten on up.  Teachers create an account and enter student names.  Then students open the app on their iPad or go to website and scan the QR code that is available to print or a code can be entered instead.  Once students scan the QR code or enter a code, they have joined the class.  They can take photos, videos, drawings, etc. to upload into their account/folder.  Anything uploaded has to be approved by the teacher before it is added.  There are also settings that can be adjusted so students can see everything that is uploaded or only what is in their personal account.  The teacher can also send photos, drawings, etc. to all students or you can choose select students.