Monday, May 4, 2015

Chatterkids is Fun and Easy to Implement!

Chatterkids is an iPad app I recently introduced to the teachers at CES.  It is free and does not require an email or sign in from the students.  Students simply click on the app and choose Take Photo.  They take a photo of a character in a book, an inanimate object, or even themselves.  Once they see the photo, they will draw a line with their finger where the mouth will be.  Then they click on the microphone to record up to 30 seconds of audio.  The play option is enabled to check the recording for approval or to redo.  Once the audio is approved, click on next and students will have options of customizing their Chatterkids animation.  They can select from frames, filter, stickers, and add text.  Once their creation is finished, it saves to the gallery on that iPad and they can also save it to the camera roll.  In the gallery, students can edit at a later time.
There are numerous ways to use this app for learning.  Just a few suggestions:  Have students take a photo of a character in a book and explain his/her point of view, a book/chapter review, main idea of a paragraph, etc.  Take a photo of an object like a seed and explain the life cycle.  Take a photo of a butterfly and explain the life cycle.  Take a photo of a number and have students tell the factors of that number.
Chatterkids is a version of ChatterPix.  ChatterPix has more gallery options and may be more suitable for older students.
I hope you will try this app and see how easy it is to use.