Tuesday, October 28, 2014


 Plickers is a web-based tool that collects real-time data without the use of student devices through printed out cards.  Each card has a unique geometric design with A, B, C, & D strategically placed on the sides.  There is also a number on the card.  Each student is given a card.  I made a quick assessment on addition with 5 questions.  Each question was shown on the Smartboard and the students would choose the correct answer by holding up their card with their chosen letter at the top.  I used my iPad to scan their answers and it automatically recorded the results.  You can also show results in graph form.  Students love the interaction and there's no room for cheating since all geometric designs are unique and the letters are too small for looking at your neighbor's answer.  It's a great way to check for understanding on key concepts and skills.  Best of all it's free!  Once you create an account, you can print your own set of cards to use over and over.  There's an App for the iPad/iPhone to use for scanning the cards.