Monday, September 22, 2014

Pic Collage "App Review"

Hi Everyone,

September is going by quickly and I have a great app to use even with the little ones.  Pic Collage
is a free app used to make posters with photos from your camera roll or the web.  It is very user friendly.  I introduced it last week to a kinder class and within just a few minutes, they were adding photos, resizing, adding stickers, text, borders, and backgrounds.  Teachers can create an account and save student posters into their account or email the posters as well.  There are In-App purchases available but they are not necessary to create full effect posters.  There is also a "school effects" setting so teachers can disable photos from web and social postings.  Many teachers are using Pic Collage in their daily instructional practices.  Some of the ideas I have seen are:  creating letter/color/shape posters, book review posters, explaining a concept, vocabulary definitions with pictures, etc.  I hope you will try this free app and explore the possibilities!  Here is an example: