Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"App Review" Great Photo Editing Apps that are Free!!!

I downloaded some free photo editing apps that are easy to use and fun.  The first is Pixlr Express.  I love this one because you can take any photo, add a variety of styles with the touch of a finger including sketch, litho, watercolor, pencil, etc.  There are so many options for editing that it is hard to believe it's a free app.  You can also add text, borders, and stickers to any photo.  You can take photos from your device or use photos from your camera roll or stream.  You can choose collage and add numerous photos into a collage, edit, and add unlimited effects.  There are so many options to this app, you have to really play around with a photo to realize all it has to offer.  Here is an example of a photo we took at a wedding and I used the sketch effect:
CartoonFree and Snapseed are also worth mentioning.  CartoonFree takes any photo and turns it into a cartoon drawing/sketch.  The only problem with this app is too many ads popping up.  If you can put up with the ads, it's worth the download.  Snapseed doesn't have the adds and it also offers many editing features with the swipe of your finger.  Here's an example:

I added the black/white effect, border frame, contrast, and auto-adjustment.  These are just a few of the effects offered.  

With all the photo editing apps available, there's no excuse for a bad photo anymore!